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SMOK NOVO Pod Device Kit

SMOK NOVO Pod Device Kit
SMOK NOVO Pod Device Kit
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SMOK NOVO Ultra-Portable System Kit

This newly designed pod system device sets a new standard for usability and beauty in pod vapes. The cobra design covering the front and back makes the entire kit stunning from each angle. Each color in the array of options is sure to stand out from the standard competition.

The ergonomically designed mouth piece is perfectly comfortable and functional, simply draw on the device to activate the firing mechanism. The built in 450mAh battery is powerful, and brings strong and satisfying vapor hits. Included in this kit are two refillable pods equipped with a 2mL vape juice capacity to hold any of your favorite E-liquids. 

Compact and lightweight, this device is perfect for on the go vaping. A quick fire time and draw activated firing provides a button-less chassis. The SMOK Novo Ultra-Portable System Kit is an all-in-one pod device that showcases the impressive innovations SMOK brings to the E-cigarette market..

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SMOK NOVO Replacement Pod Cartridges

Features and Specifications:

Dimensions: 3-3/8" x 15/16" x 9/16" (With Cartridge)
Draw Activated
Refillable Pod/Cartridge System
All-in-One Pod System
Output Wattage: 10 - 16W
Built-in Battery Capacity: 450mAh
E-Liquid Capacity: 2.0ml
Cobra Pattern Design
Chrome Sides
Battery Life LED Indicator Light
Lightweight and Compact Design
Includes Two Refillable Pod Cartridges (E-Liquid Not Included)
Micro USB Charging Port
8 Second Cut Off
Short Circuit Protection
Low Voltage Protection


Package Includes:

1 x SMOK Novo Ultra Portable System
2 x Refillable Pod Cartridges
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable



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