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iJoy COMBO IMC Interchangeable Build Decks and Coils

iJoy COMBO IMC Interchangeable Build Decks and Coils
iJoy COMBO IMC Interchangeable Build Decks and Coils
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The iJoy COMBO IMC Interchangeable Decks and Coils presents a full line of build deck designed for high performance coil configurations. Accommodating the ultra-versatile Combo RDTA each deck is integrated with a signature design, ranging from the modern clamp-style two-post to the traditional split-post deck. Each deck measures 20.5mm in diameter, constructed with 24K Gold-Plating and PEEK insulators. In addition, you can purchase the premade 0.3ohm IMC-Coil, rated for 40 to 80W for added convenient and versatility.

iJoy IMC Interchangeable Build Deck Features:

20.5mm Diameter
24K Gold-Plated Build Deck
PEEK Insulator
IMC-1 - Two-Post w/ Clamp Mechanism
IMC-2 - Spring-Loaded Two-Post w/ Clamp 
IMC-3 - Two-Post, Quad Terminals (Side Secured)
IMC-4 - Two-Post, Two Terminals (Top Secured)
IMC-5 - Two-Post, Two Large Terminals (Four-Point Secure)
IMC-6 - Split-Positive Post, Four Terminals (Top Secured)
IMC-7 - Postless, Four Terminals (Side-Secured)
IMC-8 - Raised Postless, Four Terminals (Side-Secured)
IMC-9 - Raised Postless, Four Terminals (Side-Secured)

iJoy COMBO Replacement Coils Features:

0.3 ohm IMC-Coil - rated for 40-80W (pre-made)
0.5ohm IMC-Coil 3 - rated for 50-100W (pre-made)
Dual Twisted Design 
Fully Rewickable


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iJoy Limitless RDTA Classic Edition

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