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iJoy Captain Replacement Coils (Pack of 3)

iJoy Captain Replacement Coils (Pack of 3)
iJoy Captain Replacement Coils (Pack of 3)
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The IJOY CA2 and CA8 coil are designed specifically for the Captain Sub Ohm tank. With Gold plating connection, no threaded coil heads and a unique design more suitable for high VG eliquids.  

IJoy Captain SubOhm CA8 coil - .15ohm (Pack of 3)

four dual coil combination 
Increased intake airflow with faster wicking and thick vapor
60W - 120W

IJoy Captain SubOhm CA2 coil - .3ohm (Pack of 3)

CA2 coil head is composed of kanthal and two SS wires 
Thicker vapor and more delicate taste
60W - 80W


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