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INNEVAPE Disposable Vape

INNEVAPE Disposable Vape
INNEVAPE Disposable Vape
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INNEVAPE Disposable Vape

This easy-to-store disposable vape contains 1.2mL of e-liquid - or 300 puffs. This highly concentrated e-liquid features 50g of nicotine salt for a faster and more powerful effect than freebase nicotine. No button activation required - simply puff and experience the sweet flavor from this sleek and easy-to-store disposable vape.

The Berg: The classic taste of blue raspberry slushie.

The Berg with Menthol: The beloved taste of a blue raspberry slushie with an icy blast of menthol.

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Features and Specifications:

280mAh Built-In Battery (Non-Rechargeable)
1.2ml with 50mg Salt Nicotine (Pre-filled)
Draw Activated

Package Includes:

1x Innevape Disposable Vape

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