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Suorin Reno Pod Device Kit

Suorin Reno Pod Device Kit
Suorin Reno Pod Device Kit
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Suorin Reno Pod Device Kit

This compact pod device features a convenient and portable body design, and it is compatible with mesh coil cartridges. 

The Sourin Reno Pod Device is a modern vaping device that features mesh coil compatibility, and compact and portable body design, and a child-proof safety lock. 

This device is powered by a 800mAh rechargeable internal battery. 

The Suorin Reno cartridges feature a 3mL e-juice capacity. They are compatible with the Suorin Reno Replacement Coils. 

Quick Links:

Suorin Reno Replacement Cartridges
Suorin Reno Replacement Coils

Features and Specifications:

Aluminum alloy construction
3mL e-juice cartridge capacity
1.0ohm mesh coil compatibility
800mAh rechargeable internal battery
Compact body design
Battery life indicator
Cartridge features a child-proof lock
Cartridge features adjustable airflow


Package Includes:

1x Suorin Reno Pod Device (Cartridge + Coil Included)
1x Extra 1.0ohm Mesh Replacement Coil
1x User Manual

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