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Vaporesso Click Pod Device Kit (Previously the Aurora Play)

Vaporesso Click Pod Device Kit (Previously the Aurora Play)
Vaporesso Click Pod Device Kit (Previously the Aurora Play)
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Vaporesso Click Pod Device Kit (Previously the Aurora Play)

Flick to open.

The Vaporesso Click is an advanced pod device kit that features a flick-to-open top hinge design and integrates the OMNI Board Mini chipset that provides quick-charging capabilities and unmatched performance. 

A sleek and smooth treated polish gives the Click a high-quality look and feel. 

Pod cartridges are available in 1.3ohm and 0.65ohm variants. Each pod cartridge features a 2mL E-Juice capacity. 

Each pod features a innovative push-to-fill filling slot. Simply push your E-Juice bottle into the hole to conveniently fill the pod. 

Powered by an internal 650mAh battery. Draw-activated firing system. 

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Vaporesso Click Pod Cartridge

Features and Specifications:

Dimensions: 78.8mm x 43.7mm x 15.5mm
OMNI Board Mini Chipset
650mAh internal battery
Draw activated firing
Enlarged power button
2mL pod E-Juice capacity
Push-to-fill system
Sleek and beautiful metal polish
Quick-charging capabilities 
LED battery life indicator


Package Includes:

1x Click Pod Device
1x 1.3ohm Aurora Pod 
1x 0.65ohm Aurora Pod
1x USB Cable
1x User Guide
1x Warranty Card

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